Residential Services

Residential Services

If you’re working on a home, restoration project, or just a small project and require reclaimed wood, we can help! We offer many different types of reclaimed wood in all shapes and sizes for residential purposes including mantle pieces, ceiling beams, siding or wall paneling, and flooring.

We can show you around our yard, and offer any tips and advice we may have to contribute towards your project.

Below are just 4 of the many unique items and pieces we will supply to your residential project. If you do not see what you are looking for below, feel free to call us to discuss your project in detail, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Reclaimed Mantle Pieces

When it comes to choosing the look for your mantle piece we here at Antique Beams & Boards are here to help. We can recommend sizes and lengths, and even any type of finish you may want after the mantle is completed.

Decisions may include square size, length, style, or shaved top. We always shave the backside of our mantle pieces to ensure a flush fit against the mounting surface.

Since we hold over 250,000 BF of material here at our facility, we don’t have much of a problem finding something that fits the look you are after. Whether you like antique hand hewn, circle sawn, or the cleaner look of a mantle re-sawn out of a reclaimed beam, we have plenty to look through to find the perfect piece for you. Most of our materials here on site are unfinished, raw out of the its previous life. Once properly cleaned, the beams look much different than “in the rough”, we will still send you pictures during the process to ensure what we are making is what you are envisioning!

Reclaimed Barn Beams

We carry hand hewn beams in all sizes ranging from 5X5’s – 13X13’s in lengths of up to 50′. We also have many different styles of circular sawn beams and sleepers. If you are after more of a refined look, we have the ability to re-saw your beams out of larger reclaimed beams.

When deciding the size of your beams, some things to consider are the height of the ceiling, size of the room, lighting, and the ability of the ceiling, floor, or wall to support the weight of the beams. Most reclaimed hardwood hand hewn beams will come relatively close to square in size, but can be remilled as need to fit your project.

The main specifications that drive pricing on reclaimed beams are length, square size, and quantity. A 30’ long 12”x12” beam is much more rare and costly than 3 12”x12” x 10’ beams. We salvage with great care and when needed pay top dollar for large, long, reclaimed beams.

Most reclaimed beams will have mortise pockets (rectangular pockets normally around 2”wide x 4-5” long and 3” deep) and other remnants of the old joinery. When salvaging or buying we preserve this joinery intact but also have the ability to “patch” the mortise pockets at an extra cost.

We always encourage people to come in and take a look at what we have, or go to our hand hewn beams page on our site to check out pictures of recent projects we have supplied. This will give you a good idea of what kind of style you may be looking for, and will definitely help us understand what kind of finished product you like.

Barn Siding and Brown Board

Our siding and wall paneling is salvaged from only the best barns. Our siding comes weathered grey, red, or white. We take extreme care when removing siding from the barns we salvage to ensure quality passed onto your project.

Custom wall or ceiling paneling is milled out of several different types of material to provide the specific look most fitting to the room or entire home. Whether it be rough sawn boards with an original surface for maximum character, or a re-milled surface for a more refined look, we can attain the look to match or compliment almost any decor. From the light tan to yellow look of antique white ash, to the deep chocolate to purple patina of antique walnut, the wide range of species we carry provides great versatility in wall and ceiling coverings.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please visit our Barn Siding & Wall Paneling Page for additional information and tips!

Reclaimed Flooring

Custom milled reclaimed wood floors are available from ABBS in most North American hardwoods and softwoods. We carry regular hardwood inventories of Oak, Ash, Elm, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, and Cherry. Our softwood inventory includes Longleaf Heartpine, Northern White Pine, and Douglas Fir. Flooring from Antique Beams & Boards is milled using 100% reclaimed material. The character of a reclaimed floor cannot be matched. There are styles to go with any type of home or business decor. The look you wish to achieve will dictate the reclaimed material we cut and mill. Whether it be a clean and refined look for a modern home, or a rustic antique foot worn surface for the summer cottage, our reclaimed wood flooring can help you make a statement to anyone visiting.

If you are interested in learning more about our reclaimed hardwood flooring and would like to see samples, please visit our Reclaimed Flooring Page! Not finding what you’re looking for? Email or call us at any time and we will work with you to achieve the look, character, and species you have in mind.

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If you are thinking about using reclaimed wood in your home design project, feel free to come and visit us by calling ahead to reserve a time.

If you are unable to visit us during normal business hours, please call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment. We want to make sure we are here to show you around and answer any questions you may have.