Commercial Services


With our large inventory of hand hewn beams, circular sawn beams, barn siding, reclaimed brownboard, and countless batches of uniquely milled and aged reclaimed wood, we are always looking for opportunities to supply builders and designers of large and small commercial projects. As we only quote from the material we have on hand, we can often turn out orders much faster than those who must first source material.

Commercial Partners

In the past, we have had the opportunity to work with Bass Pro Shops and Pottery Barn to provide them with the reclaimed wood materials they needed. For Bass Pro, we providing flooring, barn siding, and beams for stores built in Rossford OH, Richmond VA, and Calgary Canada. Pottery Barn purchased antique hand hewn beams for current stores being built around the United States. From what we hear, the projects are now completed and look great! Do you want to be our next commercial partner?

Include Us In Your Plans!

We encourage you to include us in your plans and in the design phase of the project. But why include a supplier in your design phase?

Including us in your plans is very important. Not only can it save money, but also hook you up with a reclaimed product perfect for the project at hand. Pricing on reclaimed wood is based on many things, a couple of the major points are size (width) of the material and species. Reducing the width of your flooring or paneling planks can sometimes cut the price in half! White oak and elm do not look a lot different to the untrained eye, but white oak flooring costs about 40% more. We carry all kinds of odd batches of reclaimed wood that we do not market, though on several occasions a suggestion from us was a perfect fit that a designer or architect would have never thought to ask for.

Getting your large scale order ready, prepared, and finalized takes time. One of the mistakes builders and designers make when ordering reclaimed wood is lead time. Many people think the turn-around for reclaimed wood is quick because the material is on hand and ready to ship. All of it must go through the process, and ultimately be milled in a way that fits for the project. All of our products are prepped and cut to order, some things can be standardized, but most projects have an “optimum” milling spec. This is what we strive to provide, as opposed to pushing you into something we have pre-made.

We help with LEED Certification

All products in our inventory are considered reclaimed and re-used, therefore all will contribute to any sort of LEED Certification you are trying to achieve. Whether your project calls for LEED Certification, or if it would just be an added bonus to the project, we can help you get the points you need.