Ohio Business Salvages, Repurposes Barn Wood

December 19, 2021

Story and photo by Stephen Zenner / The Blade
December 19, 2021

DELTA, Ohio – Red, square, time capsules adorn the flat plains of the Midwest humbly standing through the harshest seasons year after year, renewing the symbol of the grit filled American farmer rising and setting with the golden sun across amber waves of grain.

“Every piece of wood, especially from a barn, is different you know?” said Matt Gleckler, owner of Antique Beams & Boards, a company that salvages and dismantles old buildings to repurpose their parts, with a focus on repurposing wood. Mr. Gleckler’s main source of reclaimed wood is old barns, and, “Right now, northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, northeast Indiana, really has some of the highest concentrations of barns anywhere in the country.”