Keeping Your Reclaimed Flooring Clean (It’s Easier Than You Think)

February 29, 2024
REEL Wood Kitchen

Reclaimed wood flooring is prized for its unique patina and decades-worn surface, combining the beauty of aged wood with a unique history that echoes our forefathers’ struggles and accomplishments. A common question about reclaimed wood flooring is, “Will it be difficult to clean and maintain?”

Maintaining Your Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One significant advantage of reclaimed wood over new wood is its rustic surface. Whether you drop a pan, skid a chair, or move a table, it only adds more character! Our recommendation for maintaining your floors involves refinishing them as needed. Each skid or dent you accidentally make blends in perfectly, making your flooring uniquely yours. Every imperfection becomes a memory, adding to the floor’s story.

Cleaning Your Reclaimed Wood Flooring

At first glance, cleaning your reclaimed wood flooring might seem daunting. The old circle-sawn marks in the wood may appear to easily trap dirt and hair. However, with a vacuum or a Swiffer sweeper, dirt and grime are effortlessly swept away, keeping your flooring in pristine condition. It’s important to note that your flooring should be properly sanded. This process eliminates any splinters and rough areas, creating a smooth surface that simplifies cleaning.

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