Weathered Gray Barn Siding

Antique reclaimed softwood siding, weathered gray with no paint remaining. The surface will range in color from a deep brownish gray to a lighter silvery gray. Our weathered gray reclaimed barn siding can have a heavily contoured surface from decades of wind and rain, to more subtle weathering on those barns more protected from the elements. Wood species will also play a role in the surface look and color of weathered barn siding. We carry several thousand square feet of reclaimed gray barn siding in stock, please inquire as to our current inventory. As with our other reclaimed wood products, our weathered gray reclaimed barn siding is kiln dried and heat treated for insects.

Additional Material Options Available

reclaimed weathered gray barn siding

Weathered Gray

reclaimed weathered gray and white barn siding

Weathered Gray / White

weathered gray barn siding

Weathered Gray / Red

weathered gray barn siding

Mixed Hardwood

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