Got Wood?

We are an active buyer of reclaimed wood in several forms. From very large quantities out of old factories or mills, to smaller batches from a downtown store remodel or old barn floor, we will consider anything that is of good quality, interesting and unique. Send us an email at info@antiquebeamsandboards.com, we would love to hear about what you have.

**Please note we receive a high volume of submissions every week and we will try our best to return your inquiry within 48 business hours. To speed up the process, please include a list of any materials you may have including sizes, lengths, and the type of wood. Please also include pictures of the materials you have to allow us to take a closer look.

Barn Owners

If you have a barn you’d like us to take a look at, please read through the following common questions and answers to give you a sense of what you can expect throughout the process.


What kind of information do you need about my barn?

Without looking at the barn first hand, we will need any photos you have of the barn, the size of the barn, and other additional details including when it was built, and if it has hand hewn timbers or circle sawn beams. We will also need the address of where the barn is located if we decide to come personally look at it after we have received all of the previous information.

When will you be available to look at my barn in person?
Due to the high volume of barn demolition and salvaging requests we get each week, it might take us up to a few weeks before we are able to look at your barn.
What if my barn does not have the materials you need?
If we decide your barn has very few materials we are able to repurpose, we will provide you with a demolition cost based off of our expenses in removing your barn structure.


If you are a supplier and have reclaimed wood materials on hand you are looking to get rid of, you’ve come to the right place. Before contacting us with your questions, please review the following frequently asked questions with answers. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

What kind of materials are you interested in?
We are always looking for any materials that are unique, of good quality, and interesting. Things we may be looking for include hand hewn and sawn beams, barn siding, planks, floor joists, and old original surface flooring.
Are you looking for any particular species?
We deal in hardwoods and softwoods. We are always looking for good size white oak, hickory, ash, cherry, and walnut. Depending on current inventory levels, we also buy other domestic hardwoods and most northern and southern softwoods.
How much will you pay for my materials?
Several factors come into play when purchasing reclaimed wood. Quantity, size, species, and quality are the main driving factors. The more care that is taken in the salvage, the more the wood will be worth.