Barn Siding & Paneling

Custom wall or ceiling paneling is milled out of several different types of material to provide the specific look most fitting to the room or entire home. Whether it be rough sawn boards with an original surface for maximum character, weathered gray, white, or red barn siding, or a planed surface for a more refined look, we can attain a look to match or compliment almost any decor. From the light tan to yellow look of antique white ash, to the deep chocolate to purple patina of antique walnut, the wide range of species we carry provides great versatility in wall and ceiling coverings.

weathered gray reclaimed wood barn siding

Weathered Gray

Antique reclaimed softwood siding, weathered gray with no paint remaining. The surface will range in color from a deep brownish gray to a lighter silvery gray. Our weathered gray reclaimed barn siding can have a heavily contoured surface from decades of wind and rain, to more subtle weathering on those barns more protected from the elements.

weathered gray with painted white reclaimed barn siding

Weathered Gray / White

Antique reclaimed softwood siding, painted white years ago. The surface is largely gray, with remnants of the white paint remaining in the weathered furrows. We hand scrape this material to remove any loose paint and give a consistent “slightly whitewashed” look throughout.

Weathered red with gray reclaimed wood barn siding

Weathered Gray / Red

Antique reclaimed softwood siding, painted red years ago. Surface is largely gray, with remnants of the red paint and or preservative remaining in the weathered furrows. We hand scrape this material to remove any loose paint and give a consistent weathered red “old barn” look.

mixed gray and brown reclaimed wood barn siding

Mixed Grays & Browns

Antique reclaimed boards, elm, ash, maple and beech. The surface of the boards will range from a light brown patina to a dark brown patina. We brush sand this material to remove any dirt or other unwanted debris and give it a consistent “old barn” look. 

custom mix reclaimed wood barn siding including gray, white, brown, and reds

Custom Mix

Antique reclaimed softwood and hardwood siding, mixtures of grays, whites, browns, reds and any other colors we carry to provide a custom mix. The mixture can consist of just a few colors or all our siding colors to provide that unique feel. Custom mixtures give our customers that “one of a kind look” that only they will have.

Unique Styles

We carry many different unique styles of barn siding including Weathered Gray, Weathered Gray with white, Weathered Red, Mixed Hardwood, and Clean Cut. We have the inventory to handle small residential projects or large commercial or retail projects, and often with a much shorter lead time because of the quantity of materials we carry. Whether you are a home owner, contractor, architect, or interior designer, we encourage you to call us about our different styles that may fit your project perfectly. The photos below are a general guide as each structure weathered differently, check with us on the current selection we have.