Barn Demolition & Removal Process

Ever wondered what it looks like when a barn is taken down piece by piece? We take you through the process as we carefully dismantle and remove a barn structure. We are extremely careful when removing and salvaging old pieces as if we are not, the pieces of the structure could be ruined. If you have any additional questions about our barn reclamation process, please feel free to call or email us at any time.

Barn Demolition & Salvage Time Lapse

Watch as we carefully remove and salvage barnwood from this century old structure. Quality product starts with careful removal of product, which is why we take extreme care when removing our structures.

Crucial Steps

Learn about the crutial steps we take when removing and reclaiming old barnwood materials. If the materials are not removed properly, this could lead to breaks and cracks, therefore deeming the materials unusable.