Circle-Sawn Beams

Antique circle sawn wood beams carry the rich character of the past, but include a refined “circle-sawn” edge. A circular cut was made to create and size the beams, rather than a hewn or axe cut, creating a much cleaner but historic look after all of these years. Due to the character and history with all of our beams, circle sawn beams will all vary from barn to barn depending on the specific species used at the time. The surface of our circle sawn beams will range from a light brown patina to a dark brown patina, and range in a variety of species including White Oak, Ash, Elm, Hickory, and Maple.

We are equipped to handle antique beam packages from just a single to a few hundred individual circle sawn beams. Orders can range from small to large square sizes, and can be custom cut to your specific dimensions. All beams are brush sanded and cleaned prior to shipment, ensuring your product carries the rich history and character to its final destination. Because of the craftsmanship that went into their creation, the preservation of all of our beams remains our top priority at Antique Beams & Boards.

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